Bipolar Disorder - How Behavior Modification and Techniques Can Help

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Behavior modification is the use of empirical demonstrated behavior techniques to change the attitude of the individual. This is done through positive and negative reinforcement at the same time reducing the maladaptive behavior of positive and negative punishment.

These are based on the principles of operant condition that were developed by B.F. Skinner. It is believed that this behavior modification technique can be applicable to both human and animal behavior and has been used ever since he first published his book entitled The Behavior of Organisms in 1938.

The individual will probably have to be confined first if his or her loved ones feel that they cannot watch over the person. Professionals will then take over and see what they can do to stop these damaging behaviors from entering the mind.

When they feel that this person is no longer a threat to him or herself and others, only then will the patient be released.

Behavior modification in some way helps the individual learn what is wrong and then deal with it. Suicide is just a quick way to get out of a situation but addressing the issue head on makes one feel stronger than before.

This is what some consider as the practical four step process better known as the CARE Approach that is used on those that have a disorder such as behavior and depression.

In fact, it has had some success in stopping people from ending their lives as those around hear their cry for help and are more than willing to listen before it is too late.

Behavior modification can also be done through hypnosis. The professional will induce a deep trance and try to remember the significant events or accomplishments in one's life.

At the same time, the individual will push away the negative and unhappy thoughts and pull in the positive ones. This is better known as the principle of substitution as the conscious mind focuses on the most important thoughts.

When he or she wakes up, the patient will have a positive view of life because there are a lot of good things that can be done just like before and this can only be achieved by looking toward the future.

There are many behavior modification techniques in use today to help prevent suicide and other damaging behaviors. If you know someone, it is best to act while this is still in its early stages. Find out more tips about bipolar disorder at

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Bipolar Disorder - How Behavior Modification and Techniques Can Help

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This article was published on 2010/10/14