Children With Behavior Problems - Do You Have Children With Behavior Problems?

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Children with behavior problems can many times be difficult to get a handle on. Child behavioral issues many times may be the result of learning disabilities (like dyslexia), may also have ADHD, be over tired, hungry, or any one of a number of other factors. If you as a parent, react to children with behavior problems through anger, this could eventually turn into a discipline problem.

Poor behavior may also be due to a lack of the parents attention to the child. We all lead very busy lives these days, where two income families are the norm just to survive and get by. This lack of time and attention could in itself lead to the child not feeling wanted or loved, therefore acting out to get your attention the only way the kid knows how. Parents who make it a point to spend as much quality time with their kids as possible will many times avoid many child behavioral issues that occur.

A lack of parental support can also be attributed to children with behavior problems. An imbalance in the parent and child relationship may be the cause of a cohesion as well as structure. which may result in poor communication in the relationship between the parent and kids.

Children with behavior problems may be thought of as being manipulative and attention seeking. There are theories to change these behavioral patterns so that this type of behavioral approach doesn't work for the child anymore, you take away the giving of attention during a tantrum, being sure not to give in to the manipulation and etc... Many times these types of approaches will not work and may at times be counter productive.

There is also a theory that kids do the best that they can in a given situation. In other words, most children with behavior problems may have a skill deficiency and when they are faced with a situation they don't know how to handle they will in turn feel overwhelmed and fall back to the only way they know how to deal with it.

Interestingly, is the number of approaches to actually disciplining children with behavior problems that never seem to get around to teaching kids the skills and abilities they will need to succeed in life. We have all of these zero tolerance punishment policies that will put children on detention or even suspension.

We may write up agreements that both the child and parents sign agreeing that this negative type of behavioral policy won't happen again. In the midst of all of this punishment and lack of reinforcement, we may, in essence be damaging our relationship with our children with behavior problems.

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Children With Behavior Problems - Do You Have Children With Behavior Problems?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27