Does My Ex Still Love Me? Find Out What Your Ex's Behavior Means - Read This Now!

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You sure are finding it difficult to cope with your breakup and the past continuously haunts you. No matter how hard you try, the very thought of your ex makes your heat heavier and you become sad and despondent. The only silver lining you see in this dark cloud is that your ex has been behaving extra nice to you in spite of leaving you in a huff. You are baffled by this strange behavior and do not know what to make of it. Here are 4 tips that will help you decipher what your ex's behavior actually means.

Your ex stays in touch with you

In spite of insisting that they don't ever want to see your face again, you find that your ex is hanging around in places you frequent. He/she is always dressed well and smells gorgeous. Your ex also has that forgiving look in their eyes when you lock your eyes with them. Well, all this means that your ex still fancies his/her chances of winning your affection all over again.

All of a sudden your ex has become lean and fit

Maybe you are wondering why your ex instead of stalking you and pleading with you to come back has disappeared for a fortnight and is now back looking smashing than ever before. Your ex has also lost a few pounds and started taking good care of their skin and face. Well, this is your ex's way of impressing you. Your ex wants to ignite the same fire in you that he/she once did. This kind of strange behavior is surely warming your cockles.

Your ex is no longer assertive and argumentative

Now when you meet your ex he/she no longer throws a tantrum and blames you for all the bad that has happened in their life. Your ex seems to have reconciled that you have gone and is just trying to remain friends with you. The arguments are missing and so is the scorn. This behavior means that your ex is making efforts to impress you with his/her good behavior.

All of a sudden your ex is no longer egoistic

Your ex no longer feels that it is below their dignity to apologize and seek forgiveness. If your ex is exhibiting this type of behavior then it means that your ex wants you back in his/her life. Now it is your call.

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Does My Ex Still Love Me? Find Out What Your Ex's Behavior Means - Read This Now!

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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